MAS : Flight MH367 to Kuala Lumpur ...

Day 3 - Taipeh

Flying back home today on Malaysia Airlines, flight MH367.
MAS check in counters, Taoyuan Airport Taipeh
After checked in, went to China Airlines Lounge for lunch...
China Airlines First Class Lounge
drinks selection ....
Pork Dumpings 烧卖
Braised Pork Rice 卤肉饭

Flight MH367 Taipeh to Kuala Lumpur :
MAS B737-800
Business Class Seat, #1F
Business Class Cabin, Boeing 737-800
pre-flight drink, Guava juice
Flight MH367 took off on time at 1505 .... Goodbye Taipeh
Drinks served once airborne ....
Lunch Menu
MAS Signature Satay 
Lunch time ...
Appetizer - Duo of Smoked Fish and Scallop
Main Course - Red Seafood Curry, Steamed Rice and sauteed vegetables
Dessert - Opera Cake
in flight entertainment
Finally, landed at KLIA...

Unfortunately this was a very bumpy flight home due to the weather condition, and there was no hot drinks served at all during the whole flight.
A bumpy 4h50' flight home, and finally touched down at KLIA at 2000.
Good to be home ..... :-)