Harbin - Sun Island Snow Sculptures

Day 6 Harbin

Apart from the Ice Lantern Park which is the No.1 sight in Harbin, the other is the Snow Sculptures at Sun Island, which we visited on our 2nd day in Harbin.
After a lesiure breakfast in the hotel we took a taxi here which is only about 15 minutes away from the city. The Snow Sculptures Park is actually not far from the Ice Lantern Park which we visited last night.
Its not cheap as the entrance ticket to this park is an astonishing RMB240 per person !
Dragon Statue at the park, as this year is the Chinese Dragon Year.

Snowman, snowman and more snowman.......

Gigantic huge snow sculptures.....
Frozen River at Sun island

Basically in Harbin, you visit the Snow Sculptures during day time and visit the Ice lantern Show at night, and between this two, the Ice Lantern Show is definitely much better as its beautiful at night, which was the highlight of our trip. Of course there is a Siberian Tiger park here too, but getting a taxi here is a hassle so we decided to skip the Tiger Park, and headed back to the city for lunch instead.

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