Kyoto - Honke Owariya, The Imperial Soba

Day 4 Kyoto

It was a long walk from Nijo Castle under the hot sun to find this place. By noon time the temperature has shot up to mid 20's, and it took us about 45 mins to get here, but its well worth the efforts. 

Phew.....finally we make it !

Established since 1465, this shop has been patronised by the Imperial family even till today, earnings its the royal title. So it has a history of more than 500 years old, and today remains a very popular soba (buckwheat noodles) restaurant with the locals here.

This is a very charming restaurant located inside an old house off the main street.

I was glad we were seated immediately in one of the dining room upstairs as my tummy was growling by now, thank goodness no need to wait.

Yeah, english menu for tourists like us.

Ayi had the Ten Seiryo (Y1575), which is cold soba noodles with tempura. This is probably one of the best soba noodles we ever had.......

The tempura here is very good too, light and crispy.......

And i, been the greedy one, went all out for their house speciality, which is Hourai Soba ( Y2100) which comes with 5 stacked trays of soba !!

Thank goodness they have english instruction on how to eat Hourai Soba............

So, i followed the instructions and added the condiments to my soba and started the process. I ate the 1st tray without any condiments as i wanted to savour the natural flavour of the soba.
This is the 2nd tray with seaweeds and onions.

The 3rd Tray with eggs and mushrooms..........

And the 4th Tray with fried small shrimps......

And the last and 5th Tray was left untouched. I could only manage to finish 4 out of the 5 trays. I gave up !

When we finished our soba, we were given a teapot of water (from cooking the soba) with salted cherry blossom, which is supposedly to help lower high blood pressure.

Being a hot day, we decide to have a cold dessert and had a Zenzai (Y575), which is mochi with red beans in ice.

Actually Owariya started as a confectionery house and today they still sell their famous Soba Buoro biscuits or buckwheat biscuits. And of course, we bought some too.

Saw this charming japanese dining room on the 1F, on the way out from the restaurant, perhaps this is for VIP only ?

Honke Owariya is the oldest noodle house in Kyoto today and it serves the best soba noodles in town. The soba noodles here is excellent. Also i must say they make a very good and delicious shrimp tempura too.
An excellent place for soba in Kyoto. 

The map to Honke Owariya ( from Owariya website)

Honke Owariya
322 Kurumaya-cho
Nijo Nakagyo-ku
Open: 1100-1830

Other branches : Shijo, Nishiki-Tominokoji, Takashimaya 7F.

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